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Tagging your motors lets everyone know what to do when a motor fails.

MDM Tools

Over the last decade, the campaign has developed a variety of credible, third-party tools to help demonstrate the benefits of motor efficiency, planning, and system analysis. The MDM tools and resources below are publically available, to assist decision makers interested in energy efficiency and process reliability improvement in properly designed, maintained and operated motor systems.

The Helpful Resources section of the MDM web site also provides additional resources.

Spreadsheet (xls)   User's Guide (pdf)

Other Tools

Simple Savings Chart (xlsm)   how_to MDM Tri-fold Brochure (pdf)

Motor Planning Kit (pdf)

This booklet provides a comprehensive overview of motor management. Updated in 2012, it details the current resources and opportunities available, and describes how to pursue a variety of plans ranging from a generic purchasing policy to a total motor inventory.

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CEEGuidebook Motor Efficiency, Selection, and Management: A Guidebook for Industrial Efficiency Programs (pdf)   IndProgSumm CEE 2015 Motors & Motor Systems Program Summary
how_to How-To Guide to Bringing Motor Management to Your Customers