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Helpful Resources - System Optimization - Software

Fan System Assessment Tool (FSAT)
This DOE tool helps quantify the potential benefits of optimizing fan system configurations that serve industrial processes. FSAT is simple and quick, and requires only basic information about your fans and the motors that drive them.

Pumping System Assessment Tool (PSAT)
This DOE tool helps industrial users assess the efficiency of pumping system operations. PSAT uses achievable pump performance data from Hydraulic Institute standards and motor performance data from the MotorMaster+ database to calculate potential energy and associated cost savings. Please note that the version of PSAT currently available does not incorporate NEMA Premium® efficiency levels into its calculations.

Steam System Assessment Tool (SSAT)
SSAT allows steam analysts to develop approximate models of real steam systems. Using these models, you can apply SSAT to quantify the magnitude—energy, cost, and emissions-savings—of key potential steam improvement opportunities. SSAT contains the key features of typical steam systems.

Other Decision Tools from DOE Industrial BestPractices
BestPractices has a varied and expanding collection of software tools to help identify and analyze energy system savings opportunities in your plant. Much of the software can be downloaded online. For some tools, advanced training is also available to help you further increase your expertise. A few packages must be ordered. Contact the EERE Information Center for more about training or ordering materials: 877-337-3463.