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Helpful Resources - System Optimization - Organizations & Programs

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s ENERGY STAR partnership offers a proven energy management strategy for businesses. ENERGY STAR Industry Focuses involve concentrated work with a single manufacturing industry to improve that industry’s energy efficiency, create momentum for continued improvement, provide tools to enhance energy performance, and to provide a forum for resource- and idea-sharing.

Guidelines for Energy Management
This web page includes an overview of the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Guidelines for Energy Management, including a flowchart and description of the seven steps involved in their energy management strategy: Make Commitment, Assess Performance, Set Goals, Create Action Plan, Implement Action Plan, Evaluate Progress, and Recognize Achievements. Microsoft Excel spreadsheets of the Energy Program Assessment Matrix and Facility Energy Assessment Matrix can be downloaded from this page.

ENERGY STAR On-Line Training Schedule
This web page lists recent and upcoming on-line trainings, partner seminars, and networking meetings host by the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program.

ENERGY STAR Labeled Buildings and Plants
This web page provides a searchable database of buildings and plants that have qualified and been awarded the ENERGY STAR. These facilities “cost less to operate and improve the quality of our environment”. The database can be searched by facility type, location, organization or facility name, and other more specific search criteria, a useful resource to identify organizations that have made a commitment to energy management.

ENERGY STAR Tools and Resources Library
This web page includes links to ENERGY STAR tools and resources in various categories including:

ENERGY STAR Industrial Energy Management Center
A resource page, designed for industrial energy managers, that provides information and tools about corporate energy management and energy savings information focused on specific plant utility and process improvements.

ENERGY STAR Industrial Focuses
An industry-specific resource page with energy management tools and resources for the ten industries that EPA’s in coordinating ENERGY STAR Focuses: cement manufacturing, corn refining, food processing, glass manufacturing, motor vehicle manufacturing, petrochemical processing, petroleum refining, pharmaceutical manufacturing, pulp & paper, and steel (planned fall 2008).

U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE)
The EERE web site contains valuable information about specific activities involved in implementing a corporate energy management plan. These include: tracking electricity bills; evaluating equipment operating practices and identifying biggest energy users; identifying low- or no-cost projects for saving energy; gaining the support of management; forming an energy management team; and developing an ongoing strategy for improvements.

U.S. DOE EERE Industrial Technologies (ITP) Program
The EERE Industrial Technologies Program (ITP) works with U.S. industry to identify plant-wide opportunities for energy savings and process efficiency. The web site contains credible, useful tools and information about opportunities for your business to explore energy-saving opportunities by partnering with the DOE.

U.S. DOE EERE ITP Best Practices Industrial Systems
Sponsored by the EERE, the Best Practices Industrial Systems web site offers a wide array of resources, including motor tip sheets, motor efficiency case studies, technical publications, software, and a training and event calendar. Information about optimizing compressed air, steam, pumping, HVAC and other industrial systems is also available. Information can be downloaded from the web site or can be obtained by calling the EERE Information Center at 877-337-3463.

DOE Industrial Technologies Best Practices Program Software Tools
This web page includes several tools that can be downloaded for free such as Motor Master, Motor Master International, Pump System Assessment Tool (PSAT), etc.

DOE Save Energy Now Homepage
As the home page for the DOE Save Energy Now program, this site includes and overview of the Program, and links to additional information and tools.

DOE Save Energy Now Plant Assessments by State
This web page provides a clickable map of the United States, from which you can select a state, and then review the Save Energy Now Assessments that have been completed and published in that state. Additional search methods (company, industry, system, year) are available via the menu along the left side of the screen.

DOE Save Energy Now Experts Page
This web page provides information and additional links to DOE Save Energy Now Experts for the following systems: compressed air, fans, pumping, process heating, and steam.

Superior Energy Performance
This web page provides information about the Superior Energy Performance partnership that is a collaborative effort of industry, government, and nonprofit organizations. The Partnership is working to improve the energy intensity of the US Manufacturing industry by 25% by 2017 through voluntary initiatives. This page also provides information on the work to develop an energy management standard (ANSI and later ISO) and the various committees associated with this work.

DOE EERE Tip Sheets
Two-page Tip Sheets on various motor management topics provide overviews of various energy saving opportunities and guidelines for calculating the potential savings. They are available at the "Motors, Pumps, and Fans Publications" page of the EERE BestPractices Web site:

  • Eliminate Voltage Unbalance
  • Replace V-Belts with Cogged or Synchronous Belt Drives
  • Avoid Nuisance Tripping with Premium Efficiency Motors 
  • Estimating Motor Efficiency in the Field
  • Extend Your Motor's Operating Life 
  • The Importance of Motor Shaft Alignment
  • When to Purchase NEMA Premium Efficiency Motors

Compressed Air Challenge (CAC)
This program is a voluntary collaboration of industrial users; manufacturers, distributors, and their associations; consultants; state research and development agencies; energy-efficiency organizations; and utilities. It provides technical resources and training for compressed air systems.

Hydraulic Institute (HI)
The HI web site directs pump users to manufacturers and suppliers, an online training course, pump diagrams and definitions, and various other pump resources.