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Helpful Resources - System Optimization - Literature

Energy-Efficient Motor Systems: A Handbook on Technology, Program, and Policy Opportunities (2nd ed.)
(American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, 2002)

This volume outlines a systems approach to motor efficiency, including information on high-efficiency motors, optimized controls, improved component sizing and repair, better transmission hardware, and more comprehensive monitoring and maintenance. Available in some bookstores.

Literature from DOE EERE
The following system optimization resources are available through DOE’s EERE Information Center, 877-337-3463, or online at the the "Motors, Pumps, and Fans Publications" page of the EERE Best Practices Web site:

  1. Improving Motor and Drive System Performance: A Sourcebook for Industry
    A comprehensive resource that provides practical guidelines and information describing potential motor system performance improvements.

  2. Energy Management for Motor Driven Systems
    A comprehensive 100-page manual on motor system management.

  3. Determining Electric Motor Load and Efficiency
    This 16-page fact sheet discusses the necessity of properly loading a motor, and presents several load estimation techniques.

  4. Optimizing Your Motor Driven System
    This 8-page fact sheet highlights common ways of improving system efficiency and reliability.