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Helpful Resources - Motor Selection

MotorMaster+4.0 - U.S. Department of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE). An energy-efficient motor selection and management tool developed by the Department of Energy (DOE), MotorMaster+ 3.0 software includes a catalog of over 20,000 AC motors. Available on-line or through the DOE's EERE Information Center, 1-877-337-3463.

General Specification for Consultants, Industrial and Municipal: NEMA Premium Efficiency Electric Motors (600 Volts or Less)
NEMA, 2003. Outlines the minimum requirements for three-phase AC induction motors applied to municipal and industrial applications for operation on voltages 600 volts or less, rated 500 HP or less, operating more than 2000 hours per year at >75% of full load. Visit and search for the standards title.

NEMA PREMIUM - Motor manufacturers (through NEMA) and utility and state motor programs (through CEE) endorse a common specification and label for premium-efficiency motors. If you want a premium-efficiency motor, look for NEMA PREMIUM™. Click here for a list of participating manufacturers.

The Impacts of the Energy Policy Act of 1992 on Industrial End Users of Electric Motor-Driven Systems - Publication Date: September 1996
Length: 4 pp. (PDF 242 KB)

Buying an Energy-Efficient Electric Motor
Publication Date: September 1996
Length: 8 pp.

Horsepower Bulletin (Advanced Energy, 2013)
This 9-page bulletin outlines a policy for cost-effective management of motor purchases and repairs. The information is based on feedback from industrial customers, electric utilities, motor suppliers and service centers as well as test results from more than 100 new and repaired motors for measured efficiency. Contact Advanced Energy at 800-869-8001. Also available online in the Knowledge Library at