Facility managers are increasingly under pressure to reduce energy costs, increase productivity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Sound motor management is a key strategy to achieve these goals.

This site contains resources to get started with motor management. The information can also lead to partnerships among industrial facilities and local motor service center/vendor, utility or other energy efficiency service providers. The Motor Decisions MatterSM (MDM) campaign and its sponsoring organizations are here to help. More about MDM...

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Because managing a plan is easier than managing a crisis.


Permanent Magnet Motor Webinar Resources

DOE Amends Motor Efficiency Standards

Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Fact Sheet

Motor-Related Training Sessions

CEE Motors & Motor Systems Program Summary
Released Sept. 2015

Motor Guidebook
Released Sept. 2013

PMAC Motors Optimize Systems ~July 2015

Move from Panic to Planning
~April 2015

Keeping your 2015 Motor Resolution
~February 2015

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Motor Decisions MatterSM is a national public-awareness campaign sponsored by a consortium
of electric utilities, industry trade associations, and others. MDM and its sponsoring organizations
provide support for companies interested in motor management.