Motor Management Truths and Consequences: Understanding Electric Motor Rewinds and Efficiency

Date: May 25, 2-3:00pm ET

Featured Speaker: Tom Bishop, PE,
Senior Technical Support Specialist, Electrical Apparatus Service Association (EASA)

A free webcast provided by the MDM Campaign Sponsors.

Motor repair is a critical component of sound motor management and planning, and much like motor purchases, it's important to understand associated energy efficiency opportunities. Appropriate for non-technical and technical audiences, this webcast will describe efficiency considerations involved in electric motor repair, with specific emphasis on motor rewinding.

Who should participate?
  • Facility managers or motor system operators
  • Energy efficiency program administrators, account representatives, and staff
  • Motor service and sales professionals
  • Other motor industry professionals
What will be covered?
  • Identify common motor repairs, including motor rebuilding and rewinding
  • Describe efficiency consequences of poor practice repairs
  • Define motor rewind best practices that maintain motor efficiency
  • Explain key resources and how they are used

Participation Instructions

Background Information
The MDM Campaign is sponsored by efficiency programs, manufacturers, EASA, and other industry experts. Sponsors share a common goal: to promote awareness about industrial motor management opportunities and encourage motor planning.

The Electrical Apparatus Service Association, Inc. (EASA) is an international trade organization of over 2,100 electromechanical sales and service firms in 58 countries. Through its many engineering and educational programs, EASA provides members with a means of keeping up to date on materials, equipment, and state-of-the-art technology.

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